Missile Comrade is a missile defense game about mad commanders who take action into their own hands while the war itself just gets stranger and stranger.   Play arcade mode solo, in coop with a friend, or vs with some frenemies, with up to 4-player action!

Collect cards through gameplay to build your deck up and unlock new cards as you play; unlocked cards appear in new gameplay sessions and you can also earn them to your card collection in order to pick them at the start! Unlock new commanders / comrades thru play as well; each one features differing abilities and some unique features!

Supports controllers as well, with optional 2players-1controller mode! Rebind keys in game if your default configuration doesn't work - never be without a working controller!

Current demo release: Alpha .475 Gameplay Demo Feedback Test: Big Cards, Big Missiles, I Love it!

Alpha Release notes:

New in .476

Heavy Missiles stay a bit longer, and stay damage is implemented for those nagging cluster bombs.

Cluster bombs also got some slight tweaks.

Known bugs and Issues: FINV; = fixed in next version, not yet released

Title screen - starting the game is a bit confusing [streamlining start and mini tutorial incoming]

Cities are sometimes invisible when near death due to terrain [fix will be done with terrain modifications when start to make better terrain]

Cant remap keyboard controls.

Various inconsistencies in card prices with displayed cost on card. [will fix thru card templater later as card looks evolve]

Sometimes when you click controls on the titlescreen, the titlescreen locks without controls ever coming up [looking for this now as I go]

My controller doesnt detect!: push a button on the controller while the game is active. If that doesnt work, try unplugging and plugging it back in. WebGL Unity is a little picky sometimes.

Cursor duplication: see mouse and game cursor at same time -> try clicking in and out and changing tabs, havent figured out how to get this working every time yet.

Defense turret invulnerable: havent hooked up death of this yet, consider it easy mode.  [working thru some logic now on consequences for turret destruction]

The quit, it  does nothing: WebGL needs replacement UI for various quit buttons since they will do nothing in WebGL mode.

Controller profiles dont save properly so they need to be reset every time.

Profiles themselves cant be created, only default profiles are used.

GUI bug where when you  highlight something it stays highlighted, this is due to the GUI Manager needing an ID bugfix for varying button counts: multiple highlight info was disabled as an emergency bugfix. [current fix target]

Limited selection of default configurations at this time, please post your configurations in comments for expedited support.

No 1 handed player mode even though 2p1c is supported: need to setup and make UI for this. Also no 2p1c for vs on controllers yet.

No picking of player cursors in titlescreen: need to add UI for this.

Theres no way to add new cards to the deck without buying them yet, needs to be a method to get random card unlocks by themselves straight to the deck.

Fixes from .475

Made the heavy explosions stay around for slightly longer (and also implemented stay-damage so they are more effective)

Fixed critical crash error from junk cards staying on 2nd new arcade game.

Made bearnoff not fly up from his own roars.

Slightly reduced the invulnerability frames on cluster bomblets

Made sure cluster bomblets deployed on each death.

Tweaked wave creation to favor targeting cities more and more as escalation and rounds tick by/up

Development log

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