New build: .47 alpha demo

Updated /fixed a bunch of things! Happy 4th of July / 'murica day!

'New Text' when you push the red button, this was supposed to be score but forgot to rehook these up when changing loading functions.  [Fixed: moved update information to the profile save function]

No visible missile counts / city health - I had these on a slider system but removed it and didnt put in the new one yet, whoops. Going for pure in-game visuals for these. [Fixed: added simple placeholders for missiles and added cities with dynamic damage/destruction]

Split missiles have a weird trail: forgot to change those to the new trail system. Whoops. [Fixed: added smoke trail and changed splitter logic to keep old smoke trail around after split]

Misspellings: Guage- Gauge - [Fixed: spelling]

Clipboard doesnt move out of screen slowly but looks like it disappears: need to hook up a lerp to move the clipboard out slowly instead. [Fixed: added lerp]

Blurry buttons: some settings werent set properly and some stuff got overly compressed. [Fixed: modified quality of image]

No explosion sounds: I forgot to turn those back on. whoops. [Fixed: turn up explosion sounds to audible]

Certain powers last longer than they should: the missile attractor power somehow no longer gets added to the power manager list to actually stop it. Others may have issues as well. [Fixed partly: attractor now ends]


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Jul 04, 2018

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